Brennan Jacoby

Brennan Jacoby – Trust Consultant, Faculty Member (School of Life)

Brennan Jacoby is a London-based philosopher and trust consultant helping individuals and organisations refine important questions, develop well-thought-out answers, and build better trust. While Brennan brings an analytical and creative perspective to any project he works on, he has particular expertise on the topic of trust. His doctoral research analysed trust and betrayal, and explained what it means for individuals and institutions to be trustworthy. Brennan continues to research trust and develop creative ways to help individuals, brands, and organisations that want to build better trust, respond well to broken trust, or simply understand trust more clearly.
In his capacity as a philosopher and trust consultant, Brennan has worked with a range of partners including: ARKEN, Copenhagen; John Lewis; The European Association of Communication Directors; The Museum of London; Theos Think Tank; Whole Systems Partnership; and Saracens Rugby Club. Originally from Detroit (USA), Brennan holds degrees in philosophy from Macquarie University, Sydney (Ph.D), Western Michigan University (M.A.), and Spring Arbor University (B.A.).