Michael Atavar

Michael Atavar – Founder & Author (Creative Practice)

Michael is a leading consultant and author, solving professional problems, using creativity as a key. The results of Michael’s creative approach might be innovation, better listening skills, team building, increased productivity or new ways of thinking. Employing creative tools to effect business changes.
Michael’s latest book “Better Magic – How To Have Creative Ideas in 24 Steps” contains examples from his recent work in the creative industries and offers tips, exercises, group tasks and games. Whether you are working in business or teams, leadership or creative solutions, this volume will help you to locate the good idea.
Michael has written three other books about creativity Everyone Is Creative, 12 Rules Of Creativity and How To Be An Artist, covering the areas of process, individual practice, generating ideas and group dynamics. In his work, he also uses his own cards 210CARDS, a system created with Miles Hanson of Collaboration Company. More information on Michael’s work can be found via his website www.creativepractice.com or on Twitter @michaelatavar